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Greg gutfeld unicorn mug broken

Co-host Bob Beckel introduced the segment, describing what he sees as frightening statistics:. One in ten teenagers now smoke marijuana at least 20 times a month. But the scientific community is actually undecided on whether marijuana use actually leads to cocaine use.

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All of this increase has occurred under prohibition. However, licensed operators and regulators do. Imagine if alcohol was illegal. You can also regulate the strength, the power of the pot. Exactly right. Students consistently say it is easier to score pot than to obtain alcohol underage. And think more about what Gutfeld said: Jack Daniels is sold in a well-lit establishment where above-ground, licensed businessmen want to maintain good standing with the law and not sell to minors.

Sure, busts happen. When you bring a business out into the open this, by the way, also applies to prostitution you go much further to eliminate the crime and other negative associations. Yes, he came off as a broken record, but Gutfeld is absolutely correct. Much of the objection to legal marijuana is an emotional one, based on little fact. Have a tip we should know? Have a tip or story idea?

Email us. Or to keep it anonymous, click here. Co-host Bob Beckel introduced the segment, describing what he sees as frightening statistics: [We have] an epidemic growing in America. Check out the entire pot debate below, via Fox News:. Most Popular. GOP Rep. South Dakota Gov. Get Away from the Window! You may also like:.As we were getting ready for our interview with Greg, a sudden click turned all our attention to the door we had just come through.

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Greg Gutfeld walked in, unicorn cup in hand, and a huge smile broke out on all our faces. We all walked over eagerly and introduced ourselves. Immediately, Greg began to crack jokes and make us all laugh. Because of his great humor and fun personality, our nerves were calmed, and we realized that he was just like all of us.

The interview started and the feeling in the room was very natural, like we were just having a regular conversation with him. We asked him questions going around the table. The first question was regarding his affiliation with Prager University. He always liked Dennis Prager and wanted to partner with him. Next, we asked what it was like attending UC Berkeley as a conservative, or was he more liberal back then?

He said that when you are in high school and college, you are always a Democrat and being around liberals and listening to their views caused him to become a Libertarian.


After listening to his response, we asked if — because kids follow the crowd regarding politics — he thinks that the voting age should be raised. Given our interest in politics, we asked Greg if he was interested in politics at our age. He said that age 12 was when he started to get interested in politics.

He read some magazines and newspapers, but he admitted that he did not know as much as any of us. Then he said he lived in the era of President Richard Nixon and that the era of Donald Trump is much more interesting and exciting, so that you want to learn more, and the younger generation is subjected to it much more.

He also told us that robots would be running for office one day. Everyone found that intriguing. It was clear from talking to Greg and watching him work that he works hard and that he enjoys his work. We jokingly asked him how he prepares for the show: Does he check his zipper, teeth or hair before going on?

He said he checks all three. We were able to watch him prepare for the show backstage, and we learned that he writes his own monologues. Pretty cool. We brought along some gifts for him — a unicorn mug and unicorn button along with a bag of Snickers bars for his co-workers. We thought he might get a kick out of the gifts, and he did. He even shared the Snickers on air with his co-workers, giving each one a bar with a different adjective on it.

greg gutfeld unicorn mug broken

The one we gave him said Sarcastic. Everyone we met at Fox was so nice and welcoming. Meeting Greg Gutfeld was an experience we will never forget.This is a rush transcript from "The Five," May 5, This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. It is just after sundown in Chicago where the city is bracing itself for another bloody weekend. Last year there was murders in the Wendy City.

The most brutal in 20 years. And this year the problem is getting even worse. Earlier this week, the situation escalated when gang members opened fire on two Chicago police officers, targeting them with a high powered weapon. My partner is hit! We're at 45rd and Ashland. A gray minivan.

greg gutfeld unicorn mug broken

Shots fired! Cops are actively pursuing all leads and a manhunt is currently underway for the perpetrators. Joining us now live from Chicago is correspondent Matt Finn. So, Matt, I understand you have some new information and developments about what's being done to turn this situation around? Four of the most powerful city council aldermen here in Chicago say this week's police ambush just goes to show that right now police are outgunned by gang members and drug lords who have the money to get their hands on assaulted rifles and are ready and willing to kill police.

One of the city council aldermen who has seen the crime scene photos from this week's police ambush says the windshield of the undercover van the officers were in was riddled with bullets. The alderman says, these two officers were literally boxed in by gang members who opened fire with the high powered gun.

Now these four aldermen are banning together saying police must be equipped with the same fire power they face on the streets in order to survive against gang members who have ARs and AKs. That was to kill, to kill. And to use this, this is not to say, hey, we are just sending a warning shot. This will kill you. This is probably about two-and-a-half inches, the round.

So, this is the actual round that was shot at these officers and that were in that van. Inofficers were fired at 18 times. Fortunately none hit. Last year inofficers fired at 31 times. Non- officers hit by bullets and in so far, officers have been fired at eight times.

And as of Tuesday night, two officers were hit. And to follow up on that police ambush on Tuesday night, this is a sensitive case, so far police have not identified the undercover officers because of the nature of the work they do and they also have not given a description of the suspects -- Kimberly.Does your mug make a statement?

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Email A valid email is required. Track Order Cancel. Email Email is required. Password Password is required. Remember Me. Forgot password. Sign In. Don't have an account? It's Free!All right, about that anonymous op-ed by a so-called "senior official" in the New York Times trashing the president for his style and coarseness. Yep, they went after Trump for being Trump.

I know, shocking. The Times said this story was published at the request of the author, which is the way the Times used to sell classified ads. Next time I want to do 1, words of the destructiveness of the mainstream media. I'll just call ahead and make a reservation. I, joke. That only works if you're in the resistance where you can claim it's about restoring civility, but it's really about unseating Trump. But within all this phoniness, only one sentence really mattered: When Captain Anonymous said the country is already safer and more prosperous.

Wait a minute, so the country is safer and more prosperous under Trump, but not nicer to dolphins or more likely to recycle? Let's impeach this guy.

Yep, just two silly variables, security and prosperity, which happen to be the best variables ever. Seriously then, what's left to critique? His style. Trump is a big meanie.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld talks with Long Island kids

He's worse than Darth. Please, tell it to H. I'll take the deeds, you cry about the words. Because we've already get it, Trump is an intense boss who asks tons of questions and makes you feel bad because he's not like your old boss, the one that almost sank the company. Also, Trump never buys doughnuts and leaves his dirty coffee mug in the sink.

So if you believe that this Times piece hurt Trump, you might be dumb enough to read the Times. It doesn't hurt him a bit. The scoop: Trump's not nice.

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That's not journalism. That's clickbait. He joined the network in as a contributor.Tan Tat Tan Trum (1) 8. Streets of Avalon (8) 15.

Gutfeld on the anonymous NYT op-ed

Poolside Hamilton (4) TRISCILLA back from 20 week spell and racing back from the city, major contender. TAN TAT TAN TRUM trial win in the 37 days since last race adds confidence and drawn ideally, could threaten.

STREETS OF AVALON only just missed last start, finishing half a length back from the winner at Pakenham Park and has three placings from three runs this prep, each-way claims. POOLSIDE HAMILTON ran fifth last start at Yarra Valley on a soft track when first up and likely to get a nice run behind the speed, strong place chance. Mamzelle Murdoch (10) 1. Another McCloud (4) 16. Moonlight Ruby (3) MAMZELLE MURDOCH has shown early speed in races to date and drops in weight, the testing material.

ANOTHER MCCLOUD let-up for six weeks and placed at only start at Swan Hill, could upset. ZANAHARY first-up after 24 week break and generally strong first-up placing at Stony Creek last attempt, in with a chance. MOONLIGHT RUBY first-up after 55 week spell and finished a neck back from the leader at only start at Seymour, needs the breaks.

Little Miss Toffee (10) 2. Gotta Be a Rokstar (15) 12. She's Not Wanted (2) LITTLE MISS TOFFEE resumes after a 19 week spell and generally strong first-up placing at Wangaratta last attempt, commands respect.

greg gutfeld unicorn mug broken

GOTTA BE A ROKSTAR first-up after 21 week break and won both trials, looks threatening. VUITTON back after 13 week break and likely to race just off the speed, quinella.

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SHE'S NOT WANTED finished seventh at only start at Pakenham Park but favourable draw, not the worst. Stream Ahead (1) 8. Minnie Rocketta (8) 4. Ocean Magic (7) 3.

greg gutfeld unicorn mug broken

Miss Procyon (6) Hard to split the top two picks. STREAM AHEAD first-up after 16 week break and very strong resuming winning twice when fresh, marginal top pick. MINNIE ROCKETTA has two placings from three runs this prep and placed at long odds last start at Cranbourne, must be considered.

OCEAN MAGIC resumes after an 18 week spell and comes back to race at a country level, each-way claims. MISS PROCYON resumes after a spell of 13 weeks and generally races near the speed, not the worst.

Hazard Ahead (6) 3. Aurora Miss (13) 5. Hot Power (4) 6. Princess Anacheeva (11) ScratchedDifficult to see anything outside fo the top three picks winning this.

Chicago police on edge following 'targeted' attack

HAZARD AHEAD has a lot of early speed and won once this prep at Bairnsdale five runs back, genuine contender. AURORA MISS racing back from metro track and won once this prep at Mornington two runs back, hard to hold out. HOT POWER amongst the placegetters last start running second at Moe and has two placings from nine runs this prep, should be thereabouts.

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